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Features of 20KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer

20 KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Stabilizer is practically required at all such places where controlled and consistent voltage is a standout amongst the most vital fixings. Like Houses, Hospitals, Laboratories, different life sparing and testing supplies, pharmaceuticals, Research Institute.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer basically utilizes a Solid-State circuit, which controls the Servo Motor. The engine is mechanically coupled to the arm of a ceaseless factor Auto Transformer (Variac) that sustains to the essential of an arrangement control Buck-Boost transformer. The stabilizer output voltage is contrasted and the reference voltage and the resultant blunder flag controls the Servo Motor giving genuine corresponding control frameworks as opposed to On/off circuits.

Broadly acknowledged outline to suit different conditions. All the stages are freely detected and redressed. Reasonable for both adjusted/lopsided stacking and approaching voltage.

Inquiry about the Price of 20 KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Gayatri Industry is a reliable supplier and manufacturer of 20 KVA servo voltage stabilizers. Our company offers a range of models to cater to different customer requirements. The prices for our 20 KVA voltage regulators vary depending on factors such as quantity, input voltage, protection features, and custom design options. Starting from Rs. 35,999 onwards, we ensure competitive pricing and offer special prices to our dealers, distributors, resellers, and suppliers.

Custom Design and Specifications

At Gayatri Industry, we specialize in custom designing 20 KVA servo stabilizers to meet specific input and output voltage specifications. Our experienced team can accommodate both unbalanced and balanced constructions based on your requirements. Typically, our servo stabilizers consist of a Variable Auto Transformer, Buck Boost Transformer, and Servo Motor for each phase. For three-phase models, there will be three sets of this combination to ensure efficient voltage stabilization.

Oil Cooled and Air Cooled Options

Depending on the KVA ratings, our 20 KVA servo voltage stabilizers can be manufactured in either oil-cooled or air-cooled constructions. Generally, units above 100 KVA are made in oil-cooled configurations for optimal performance and reliability. It has Input voltage 360v to 460v output 400 v.

Applications and Industries

Our servo stabilizers find applications in various industries and for different types of machinery. They are suitable for cold storage plants, manufacturing plants/industries, and machines like treadmills, photocopy machines, scanners at airports, medical equipment, CNC machines, injection molding machines, printing machines, packaging machines, chillers, boilers, scientific equipment, and more. Industries such as cement plants, flour mills, rice shellers, hotels/restaurants, food processing units, pharmaceutical units, paper mills, oil refineries, rubber industries, textile mills, warehouses, rolling mills, sponge iron units, showrooms, schools, and colleges can benefit from our reliable servo voltage stabilizers.

Wide Range of Models

We offer a wide range of servo voltage controller models, including 10 KVA, 20 KVA, 30 KVA, 40 KVA, 60 KVA, 100 KVA, 200 KVA, 300 KVA, 400 KVA, 500 KVA, 600 KVA, 750 KVA, 1000 KVA, 1250 KVA, 1500 KVA, and 2000 KVA. This variety ensures that you can find the right capacity for your specific power stabilization needs.
Contact Us For further details and specifications about Gayatri Industry's servo voltage stabilizers, you can reach out to us via email or by filling out our online query form. We are committed to providing you with the best prices and reliable solutions for your 20 KVA servo voltage stabilizer requirements. Partner with us for stable and efficient power supply in your industrial operations.

Product Specification for 20KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
Brand Name Gayatri
Frequency 45- 55Hz
Rating 20KVA
Temperature Range 0° to 55° C
Output Voltage 400 V, ±1%
Phase Three Phase

Own manufacturing Unit in Delhi | Pan India Supply | Export to Nepal,
Gulf and African Countries

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