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Automatic servo stabilizer pros and cons

The market these days is flooded with various types of stabilizers and transformers. The machines at different industrial organizations or the appliances that we use at home have different power requirements. There cannot be a single stabilizer that will suffice the requirements of all types of machines; hence, you need to find the right one as per the requirements. They will need servo voltage stabilizer with different capacities and features. Servo stabilizer can be an industrial stabilizer or a domestic stabilizer. The ones used in industries are the ones with higher capacity with the ability to withstand fluctuations for a comparatively more prolonged duration of time. One popular form of the stabilizer is the automatic voltage stabilizer also known as an AVS. It is used in precision equipment and very useful in medical facilities as well.

Buyers Beware

Today you will find models that can manage an input voltage fluctuation even above 40%. It can deliver an accuracy of 1% on the output. The motor-driven variable transformer ensures a continuous and stable output voltage. Spike clippers that limit the peak voltage supply into manageable levels generally manage high voltage. Therefore, before buying you need to ensure that the Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers should fit additional spike attenuation protection.

Pros and Cons

Like any other device or appliance, the servo stabilizer has its benefits and a few disadvantages attached to it as well. To make a well-informed purchase, we suggest you understand those advantages/disadvantages briefly.

Easy to Maintain-

With these voltage stabilizers you need a minimum amount of maintenance. It can go on for years without any hiccups provided regular service, and experienced technicians do maintenance.

Most of the Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers have a reliable service centre network all across the country. Therefore, in this aspect, you need not worry. While your standard stabilizer may have a life span ranging to anywhere between two to three years, your servo voltage stabilizer provides you efficient service for ten to fifteen years.

High Capability-

These electrical devices are highly efficient. Consider this; a standard stabilizer provides you efficiency in the range of 93% to 97 %. This variation of 7% to 3% can run havoc for your industrial equipment. In comparison to this, with servo stabilizers, you get an accuracy of 98-99%. It makes it the safest option for you and your industrial unit.

Numerous Applications-

You can use these stabilizers in different industries and equipment. All that is required is that you should be aware of the exact power requirement of your computer. Furthermore, the savings on electricity and repair and maintenance of the equipments is an added plus point. On the flipper side, the servo voltage stabilizer is expensive to buy when compared with a standard stabilizer. You may also find the response speed to be on the lower side.

However, these disadvantages may prove to be of lesser concern given the advantages associated with it. Further, the design improvements are taking care of the rest, ensuring better results in performance.


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